Kathryn Ricketts Kathryn Ricketts

University of Regina

Kathryn Ricketts is Associate Professor of Arts Education at University of Regina. Ricketts is a dance educator and performer, with a practice of improvised dance/theatre and somatic study. She is an active member of the dance community in Regina, SK, including work with professional company, New Dance Horizons, and is an active participant in the REACTING improvisation group, coordinated by the Regina Improvisation Studies Centre. She has served as external examiner for one of Regina Institute’s students (John Trinh),. Her PhD research at Simon Fraser University was on practice-based research in the area of auto-ethnography, a/r/tography, improvised poetic narrative and movement. Ricketts has been performing 3 research characters for the last 15 years. One is called LUG with a full length overcoat, felt hat and aged leather suitcases and the other, Remington with a full length fur coat and a rubber pigeon head. And the third is Rufus, a tired clown that struggles to find humour in dissonance. These characters function as kinaesthetic conduits telling the stories of others echoing themes of displacement, migration belonging, arrivals, departures Space and place and dissonance. Her current research centre, The Listening Lab, explores experimental art practices integrated with inclusive pedagogy hosting artists and scholars from across the country.