Lisa Lorenzino Lisa Lorenzino

McGill University

Dr. Lisa Lorenzino serves as the Chair of the Music Education Department at the Schulich School of Music. Dr. Lorenzino received her Ph.D. from the University of Alberta in 2006 and is currently pursuing research that focuses on cross-cultural approaches to teaching music in both formal and informal settings. Her work has been published in Research Studies in Music Education, Canadian Music Educator, Canadian Winds, the National Flute Association Journal, and the Journal of Historical Research in Music Education. In addition, Dr. Lorenzino has penned two book chapters and has been part of an international review of El Sistema programs. Dr. Lorenzino’s background includes fourteen years as an instrumental and choral teacher at both the junior high and high school levels in three Canadian provinces. Additionally, she is actively involved as a jazz/Latin flutist in the Montreal area fronting the Lisa Lorenzino Trio (with Josh Rager and Dave Watts) as well as the Montreal Jazz Flute Summit, an ensemble that features some of the city’s top jazz flutists including Dave Gossage, Frank Lozano, Jean Pierre Zanella, and Jennifer Bell. Dr. Lorenzino teaches both graduate and undergraduate courses as well as supervises student teachers in their Field Placements. She is also the faculty advisor for MEDUSA, the Music Education Undergraduate Student Association at the Schulich School of Music.