Saara Liinamaa

University of Guelph

I am a cultural sociologist interested in creativity and everyday life. As a qualitative researcher, my research agenda combines critical analysis and meaning-centred cultural interpretation with an overarching interest in how individuals and organizations navigate conditions of uncertainty. I have published work on urban life and public space, migrant agricultural labour, art and cultural theory, and creative work and occupations. My recent book, The New Spirit of Creativity (UTP), was awarded the CSA 2023 Canadian Sociology Book Award. I am co-investigator of the Sociable Cities Project (SSHRC-IG), a project that studies sociability and belonging in public space, and principal investigator of the Cultural Labour Studies Project (SSHRC-IDG), a project that examines cultural work and occupations in Canada. As a graduate of Social and Political Thought (York University), I am dedicated to interdisciplinary inquiry across the arts and social sciences and welcome invitations to collaborate.