Wolf Lake Tones – full event documentation

On May 18, 2018 at Silence Guelph, poets Madhur Anand, Gary Barwin, and Phil Hall were joined by musicians David Lee (double bass), and Georgia Urban (saw), as well as singers Megan De Roover, Shannon Kingsbury, Brian Lefresne, Liane Miedema, Sue Smith, and Carey West (all as voices of birds), for an improvisational exploration of the interconnection between the human and the non-human, between language and the environment.

The Liquid Arts Project: Exploring Live Painting & Mentorship

A short documentary about the Liquid Art Project featuring artists, community partners, and researchers from Regina discussing mentorship, live painting, and community-engaged research.

Musical Improvisation at Land’s End/ Coin-du-Banc en Folie (Official Selection)

Watch the short documentary Musical Improvisation at Land’s End/ Coin-du-Banc en Folie. In August 2016, seven participants, with artists-in-residence François Houle, Kathy Kennedy and Jesse Stewart, explored the possibilities of improvised music in the stimulating setting of Coin-du-Banc, Quebec.

Classroom Action

Building on the concept of a “teaching community,” Heble and his contributors explore what it might mean for teachers and students to reach outside the walls of the classroom to establish meaningful connections between the ideas and theories they have learned, and the broader community beyond campus.