currents video still Currents interactive audiovisual installations at Sound Symposium XIX

Currents is one of several interactive audiovisual installations in development by Teresa Connors that explores the environment of Newfoundland. Emerging from a meshwork of materials that includes ocean data-sets, live streamed wind data, a heart rate monitor and audiovisual material captured off the east coast of Newfoundland, Currents combines these expressive actants to explore nonlinear processes within an immersive experience. Using a PulseSenor, all elements of the installation are triggered by a gallery visitor’s heart rate that, in turn, generates a backdrop of animated water droplets (water droplet code by Rajan Craveri). Combined with the sonification of live wind data, ocean data-sets and pre-recorded musical improvisations a multi-temporal experience is realized. This work builds on the author’s notion of Ecological Performative, which considers the context and creative process and the resulting artifacts as a responsive embodiment of larger structures of phenomena. (Video images captured by film and media artist Shannon Lynn Harris)

The following documentation contains footage captured during Sound Symposium XIX installation of Current at the LSPU Hall in St, John’s Newfoundland Canada, July 5–15, 2018. (Video documentation Shannon Lynn Harris).