“Dive” into Ecological Awareness by Improvising Under Water

Contact and Flow Festival March 3rd-17th, 2024 – Bacalar, México By: Lucas Carravetta Just four hours beneath Cancún’s wild party scene, along the calm shores of a freshwater lagoon, international…

Organizing for Emergence

Drawing on the theoretical and philosophical discourses of Jane Bennett, Erin Manning, Brian Massumi and Timothy Morton, Teresa Connors proposes a series of thinking-in-the-making moves that considers the use of computer vision and data mining as co-creative and emergent devices within non-linear audiovisual installations.

Deep Listening at the End of the World

Deep listening is a musical practice developed by musician and composer Pauline Oliveros for generating increased attention to sound.

Jeannette Hicks, PhD candidate and Research Assistant for the IICSI reflects on the experience of improvising and deep listening, which reveals the potential for bridging cultural and perceived difference, at Musical Improvisation at Land’s End camp.

Presented by IICSI, MILE camp seeks to develop innovative strategies to put aspiring musicians in direct and meaningful contact with professional improvisers.

The Art Of Risk: Negotiating Unfamiliar Territory in Large-group Improvisation

By Jason Caslor, Arizona State University In 2014, Musagetes, IICSI and the Laurier Centre for Music in the Community’s Improviser-in-Residence, Dong-Won Kim, spent the fall in Guelph bringing together a…

The Share Publication

In 2012, Improvisers-in-Residence Susanna Hood and Scott Thomson engaged in a broad range of community-based, collaborative creative initiatives in Guelph. This publication gathers a series of reflections on the residency,…