Creative Work


The House of Song and Sound by Genetic Choir

The multi-national vocal improvisation group Genetic Choir is proud to announce the release of a new publication: The House of Song and Sound: The Stem & Luister Method. This booklet…

Thinking Spaces 2022: Catharine Cary

This Thinking Spaces session, with guest Catharine Cary, took place on February 25, 2022. This presentation, entitled “The Upside Down Protocol,” saw multi-modal improvisational practitioner Catharine Cary consider the question:…

4 Cities of Love: Singing in the Language of Others

This collaborative performance video was completed by Reza Yazdanpanah under Dr. Ajay Heble’s supervision in April 2021. In this video, 5 musicians with different first languages sing in the languages…

Douglas R. Ewart’s Crepuscule: Stories of Impact

 Edited by Ajay Heble Douglas R. Ewart’s Crepuscule: Stories of Impact features: essays and reflections by Michael Collins, Jeannette Hicks and Brian Lefrense, and Ed Sarath; an interview with Ewart by Ajay Heble; Ewart’s artist statement about the evolving energy that is Crepuscule; and throughout the pages are photographs from Crepuscule – Guelph – the culminating event of Ewart’s 2015-16 residency in Guelph’s Arboretum, and the subsequent participatory, multi-site, mixed-media exhibition Douglas R. Ewart’s Crepuscule at the Robert Langen Art Gallery at Wilfrid Laurier University.

Black Utopia LP – A Cauleen Smith Movie (GJFC 2014)

During the 2014 Guelph Jazz Festival Colloquium Cauleen Smith presented “Black Utopia LP – A Cauleen Smith Movie” as a keynote address. “Black Utopia LP – A Cauleen Smith Movie” is a double vinyl LP accompanied by 35mm slides synchronized in a live cinematic performance.

Sorry about the Sound Quality

Sorry about the Sound Quality: Improvisation, Living in the Moment and the Beauty of Mistakes is a collection of interviews by Caroline Gillis with friends and colleagues in theatre about improvisation, how they used it in their work and how it may have impacted their lives. Actors have to be improvisers on a daily basis, juggling many different types of work (creative and sometimes not) to keep body and creative soul alive. You will see how improvisation has positively affected the lives of these artists.