Douglas Ewart-interview-Ajay-Heble Douglas R. Ewart – Guelph Jazz Festival 2015

During the 2015 Guelph Jazz Festival Colloquium, Improvisor-In-Residence 2015/16, Douglas R. Ewart was interviewed by Ajay Heble. Ewart discussed his long term project Crepuscule, ideas for his residency in Guelph, Ontario and his journey to and the practice of improvisation.

Crepuscule events usually take place near a body of water, trees, or botanical gardens as a means to draw energy from the setting itself. The circle is imagined as a source of endless nature and power and persons collaborating in Crepuscule events join hands at some point as a demonstration of that power, unity, and community. “When people join hands, the circle becomes galvanized through the collective power of each individual,” remarked Mr. Ewart.