Select Bibliography of Research Products and Creative Outputs, March 2013 to August 2016

Attached you will find a bibliography of research products and creative outputs during the first half of IICSI’s SSHRC Partnership Grant, 2013–2016. The first half of IICSI’s Partnership Grant was, in short, tremendously productive. ​The early years saw strong engagement from researchers, community partners, and partner universities. Our success led to expressions of interest from several new organizations and researchers. As of August 2016, 6 new partners and 4 research team members had been formally added and approved by SSHRC. Community-based outreach initiatives thrived across our sites, and book projects took flight with the release of several new volumes. IICSI designed a full draft of a new interdisciplinary graduate curriculum, and hosted international conferences in Guelph, Montreal, Vancouver, St. John’s, Regina, and Santa Barbara, as well as in Athens, Greece.

The attached bibliography encompasses select research outputs during this time, including book chapters, conferences, peer-reviewed journals, interviews, performances, presentations, workshops, and more. 

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