a photo of Reza and Fili performing in the Gaspe on a balcony overlooking the sea. Summer Institute 2019 – Research and Creation Studio Showcase

Open House, August 16, 2019

For two weeks in August 2019, 12 students and 7 faculty members took part in a Summer Institute for Critical Studies In Improvisation at the Historic Villa Frederick-James in Percé. On the last day of the Summer Institute, we opened the doors to showcase the work of our students and faculty during this research and creation studio.

This video includes subtitles.

Presentations by: Mia Bell, Stacey Bliss, Erin Felepchuk, Ben Finley, Fili Gibbons, David Lane, Adrian Matte, Nicola Oddy, Brent Rowan, Carey West, and Reza Yazdanapanah.

Faculty: Frédérique ArroyasRebecca CainesJames HarleyAjay HebleEric LewisJesse Stewart, and Ellen Waterman.

Video by Fili JG (Studio Apothicaire)