Logo for Curtain Razors Curtain Razors Theatre

Curtain Razors believes in theatre that invites artists and audiences to collaborate in the creation of live and communal events. We are committed to creative self-determination and support local, interdisciplinary artists in developing healthy, sustainable, and meaningful processes. We cultivate a space for Saskatchewan artists to incubate, evolve, and present original work that offers artistic excellence to the province and to our peers across the country and beyond.  


Our driving objectives are to challenge and expand theatre practice in Saskatchewan. We explore the boundaries, both in how we create and how we define what constitutes a theatrical event. We want to provide our audiences with an alternative to mainstream theatre, to model independent and artist-led practice, and to support and nurture the artists who make the ecology here possible. Alongside these aspirations – we are humans committed to making art and labouring to nourish our field of practice.