mun logo Memorial University of Newfoundland

Memorial University of Newfoundland is one of the six site partners for IICSI.  Under the care of Site Coordinator Ellen Waterman, the Memorial site is home to an active set of researchers and projects, and holds regular conferences, symposia, and performances. In 2014 MUN hosted the Summer Institute and Think Tank on the themes of practice-based research and curricular detheir velopment. It also hosted IICSI postdoctoral fellow Chris Tonelli, who contributed to the Institute’s activities and community-engaged practices in a variety of ways.

In July, 2016, MUN will host the “Improvisation as Cultural Contact and Dialogue” conference. Please see the call for papers for further information.

Partners housed at MUN include:

  • Distance Education, Learning, and Teaching Support (DELTS)
  • Music, Media, and Place (MMaP)

For more information about this IICSI partner please visit the Memorial University of Newfoundland website.