Société des Arts Libres et Actuels (SALA) Société des Arts Libres et Actuels (SALA)

The Suoni Per Il Popolo is presented by the Société des Arts Libres et Actuels (SALA), a Montreal based non-profit organization which was incorporated in 2002.  Rooted in exploratory musical forms, the SALA is committed to presenting avant garde and experimental music and sound within a community context.  Its mandate is formalized in the following eight points:

  • To organize the Suoni Per Il Popolo festival as well as a variety of off season events.
  • To present a diverse artistic program featuring a broad variety of creative approaches and an eclectic variety of experimental music and sound based genres.
  • To invite artists who rarely perform in Montreal and introduce new artists to new audiences.
  • To create more awareness about Montreal’s thriving independent music scene, not only nationally and internationally but also locally between divergent artistic communities.
  • To build links between artists and the public and involve the community in the festival through public workshops and other outreach activities.
  • To provide a dependable point of access for collaboration, innovation, improvisation, and for first-time presentations of new artistic works.
  • To showcase the relationship between music, sound and cinema and progressive social and political movements.
  • To support the growth of Canadian artists by maintaining 50% Canadian content and by ensuring that Canadian performers are paid fees equivalent to international artists.

The Suoni Per Il Popolo derives its name from the Italian: sounds for the people.

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