IPads & Tablets Project

The IPad and Tablets project aims to explore the potential for engaging with the Apple iPad as a teaching and learning device in the area of music composition and performance. Following on from “Improvisation Methodologies in Creative Technologies,” this ongoing research examines the usefulness and potential for improvisation in mobile device orchestras, focussing on the…

Playing to Our Strengths

This research project starts from the premise that people living with FASD are the experts on FASD, and hold artistic and imaginative potential to harness unique improvisation skills such as impulse, imaginative narrative, and spontaneity. Those living with FASD have considerable expertise and wisdom that draws on their lived experience navigating social worlds and systems…

Flatland Scratch

The Flatland Scratch Series and IMP Labs Community Hours has continued on this academic year with great success and has seen an increase in users stemming from CTCH classes in Popular Music, Music Production, Electronic Dance Music, and Hip Hop. Research Output: Flatland Scratch is currently presenting Mark Campbell, PhD who is a scholar, DJ,…

Promise of Movement

Researcher Charity Marsh has begun work on a new research project into improvisation, physical activity and movement based on capoeira and parkour. The first stage of the research included bringing artists Jozef Frucek and Linda Kapetanea of Rootless root to Regina for a four-day movement workshop in March 2015 funded by the Saskatchewan Arts Board…

Liquid Art

Liquid Art is a community-engaged, practice-based research project investigating the social impact of improvisation in live painting and mixed media. This project works with visual arts as a liquid, live form, able to sustain a creative city. It explores painting, drawing and mixed media art as liquid forms that can be created live with audiences,…

Digital Tools for Improvisation

Andrew Staniland is a researcher apart of the Digital Tools for Improvisation research project which seeks new boundaries for musical expression. His new project currently involves the Mune digital instrument.

Intents and Purposes: Philosophy and the Aesthetics of Improvisation

Intents and Purposes uses a series of case studies to challenge assumptions about what defines a musical work and musical performance, seeking to go beyond philosophical and aesthetic templates from Western classical music to foreground the distinctive practices and aesthetics of jazz.

Journey to Inclusion Training with Improvisor Rich Marsella

Camp staff learn improvisation and inclusive music-making techniques as part of the annual Journey to Inclusion training sponsored by the City of Guelph, KidsAbility, and Supporting Kids in Camp.

Integrated Ecologies

[email protected] and Improvising Spaces hosted Shoptalk + Module 1 with Australian based composer, technologist and saxophonist Benjamin Carey, Dr. Ellen Waterman and IICSI postdoctoral researcher Dr. Teresa Connors.

Voices Found: Free Jazz & Singing

A collection of materials composed of interviews with improvising vocalists collected during and after Dr. Chris Tonelli’s time as a postdoctoral researcher with the Improvisation, Community, and Social Practice project and the IICSI.